Ex and the City

So, after you break up with your partner, or vica versa, you need to be prepared to see them with someone else! it’s life!

We all move on one way or another and eventually if you live in a small city like I did you’ll bump into them somewhere. Or if you’re really lucky they will befriend your social circle and there will be no escape!!

One of the first nights I went out as a single lady, it was Halloween and I dressed up as Black Swan, with my Vampire nun slut bestie in tow! It wasn’t until I got near the door of the bar we were meeting in for the party that I turned to her and said “No, you don’t think my ex will be in here do you?” we both laughed at the thought and trotted in to the bar.

“Excuse me love can I get past you” I said trying to get past this guy

And there he was, I was saying excuse me to my ex husband dressed as a fucking swan and sober as a judge!

But do these things really matter?

No, of course they don’t especially if you’re the one doing the breaking up, and really I looked fabulous even though I was a swan!!

He looked at me with disgust, after all I’d broken his heart and I was under the same roof as him! Can you really escape your ex in such a small city? The answer is yes as I’ve made it my mission to distance myself from him, his friends, my friends he befriended and start my new life with some amazing new people.

It can be cutting to see the one you once loved out with his friends or for that matter with his new girlfriend…………the one he choose ever so carefully in my “acquaintance” circle. But for me, not one pang, not one at all! Because I moved on and cut him out the second I closed the door!

Now for those who got dumped, it does get easier! Time really is a healer! You will soon start to realise he looks more unattractive every time you bump into him, he’s acting a dick in front of his friends to secretly get your attention (stating he’s clearly not over you) and you’ll wonder what you were doing with him in the first place. The best one I think is when he’s down graded…….now this does make you feel so much better because really he can’t do better than you!!!

Never run and hide, never make your friends make you leave a bar because they spotted him with someone else, he’s an ex for a reason, keep your head high, stay strong, and don’t look at him, as he doesn’t deserve your attention!

We all have ex’s, so embrace the now, the future and don’t look back…….the reflection in the rear view mirror is not one we wish to hold on to!!!



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