The Three Month Rule

I believe you know after three months if you can potentially fall for someone or not. I know it actually takes years to truly know someone and really fall in love but as your little love affair hits 90 days you’re sure to know if it could develop into love, if it was just lust or if you were unfortunate enough for it to be one-sided and dating a commitaphobe!

So your new exciting relationship starts with first dates. Those trips to the cinema and romantic candlelit dinners, this then leads us to going around each others houses having food and watching dvd’s, then eventually we have sex and start staying over. You will also encounter the meet of one another’s friends, maybe even a small trip, then usually by this point we’re either still really excited and can see something developing or we’re bored as hell of one another and totally over it.

I’ve experienced this enough times and for me it has usually ended just before or on the 90th day! You can start to see the same pattern developing. There has been around three people I’ve ever been bothered about after this time, I married one of them and the other two did not reciprocate the same feelings. This is beyond disappointing. To feel so much for the other person and they don’t feel the same back. You have to face reality, pick yourself up and move onto the next. Persisting is pointless, yes you may have great sex and enjoy one another’s company, but if one of you wants more it will never work, you’ll drag it out and waste your time.

So the next time you find yourself a new sweetheart put this to the test. Gage if the relationship has potential, see if you could see yourself with this person for longer than three months or see if it starts to fizzle out to nothing. Sometimes we can exhaust all there is to do in such a little space of time but this time is crucial as to what will happen next.

Do not waste your time on someone who doesn’t feel the same, you’re just bored of or he/she doesn’t do it for you.

Do not be weak, end it…………………..Or continue and watch your new relationship blossom into something amazing.


Peter Pan generation

We’re living in a valley of thirty something guys (and girls) who are trying to the stretch the boundaries of adulthood for as long as possible. It’s like we’re living in a playground and don’t want to grow up to and face the responsibilities life now has to throw at us! We are living in the Peter Pan generation!

How many of you are stuck in Neverland? Avoiding mortgages, marriage and children?

I think I can categorically say I am, after getting divorced, selling my house and going back to playing Wendy, with Michael and Peter flying through the window to have some fun in never-never land! Now I’m not saying never-never again, but for now, can we say we are truly happy avoiding settling down and not following in the guided footsteps of our parents?

I think we can! We’re in a different generation to them. We are programmed to find love, find a house, get married, have children and live happily ever after, but really, we are happy to not grow up any time soon. We flit from job to job, person to person and avoid any kind of commitment and responsibility. Are we basically saying fuck it to what should be? or is the society we live in making this almost impossible for us? Honestly how many of you can afford a deposit for house, let alone put a full tank of petrol in your car?

Statistics show women are putting off having children until mid to late 30’s, men are lacking the will to commit, and lets face it, us women are setting bad standards by giving in to one night stands so men think its acceptable to roll that way with the next women they meet! Lets face it we’re to busy getting laid, spending our money on holidays, clothes and going out every weekend than opening a savings account at halifax let alone thinking about a pension with prudential!

Our parents and grandparents would have knocked out all their children by now and be looking to move to a bigger house or build an extension and all we’re building is spliffs!

Women were taught to love, get married and have kids why don’t men get taught the same?? Years ago things were different they couldn’t wait to get married because when they did, they finally got to have sex! Now it’s hard for us to stay monogamous or in a marriage for that matter, take me for example I was married 11 months! Our eyes wander, we feel restricted, trapped and we fall out of love as quick as we fell in and into the arms of the next person with no real commitment.

When will we finally take our green hat and tights off and stop flying about our with friends? When we are forty and alone and still renting? When we’re bankrupt from all the partying and holidays? Or when we realise we have no real career and not achieved our goals?

Is it time to grow the fuck up?!!!